Successful businesses are managed by well-trained managers, we are full service spa consultants with years of experience and knowledge to help bring your vision and ideas to life. Let us help you achieve your goals in wellness.


Spa Wellness Events offers spa consulting services that cover everything from pre-opening assistance to menu selection to daily operations support. As full service spa consultants, we can provide you with a variety of services including: staff selection, spa menu development, service training, retail product selection, systems development, customer service training and steps of service implementation. We are a team of Spa & Wellness professionals with over 20 years of combined experience and are proud to provide you with the tools to grow your business, increase revenues, manage and maintain your current spa or future spa.

Creating a Spa

Spa Wellness Events can provide you with reports, feedback and a PLAN on how to better manage your spa, increase revenue, select services that maximize revenues to offer the best financial results in your spa. If you are not sure if your spa is performing to its potential, we can help with a Secret Shopper Report after we have visited and experienced your facility. This is a great first step in order to determine goals, vision, missed opportunities, and have concrete feedback on our findings.

Our reports include:

  • Secret Shopper Report
  • Assessment of Services
  • Market Competitive analysis
  • Menu Selection
  • Marketing Ideas

Operational Support

If you have a spa, fitness or retail facility that is either new or that is under-performing, we can identify ways to significantly impact both the quality and standards of the guest experience as well as both top and bottom line results. We do this through operational audits and ongoing spa consultancy services provided for clients who wish to manage their own spas, but who may require support and resources that they do not have internally.

Spa Wellness Events Consulting services include:

  • Support and guidance for continued success in all areas of the operation
  • Biweekly calls with key on-site spa team members
  • Periodic on-site visits by our team
  • Consistent communication with the General Manager, Spa Director and staff

Interim Spa Management

We are proud of our extensive experience in Spa management. We can assist you in managing a spa, fitness center or retail space in your hotels. We maximize the financial success, internal learning, and communication through our support and services.

Interim services include:

  • Training Spa and Retail Staff
  • Customer Service development
  • Guest Services Management
  • Retail merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Spa promotions
  • P&L Management Support
  • Increase guest & employee experiences

New Build Assistance

Spa Wellness Events spa consultants works closely with your Project managers and Designers to help focus on a creative spa design, meaningful spaces, guest experiences as well as profitability as the most important functions.

Spa consulting services include:

  • Selecting Spa Furnishings
  • Spa Layout Assistance
  • Equipment Selection
  • Treatment Room Layout
  • Spa Welcome Reception
  • Front Desk layout
  • Retail Space Layout
  • Treatment room design

Spa Pre-Opening Support

Creating a plan to open a Spa is time consuming and very detailed. To secure a successful opening of your spa we have created templates that can be customized for our clients

We can assist and create:

  • Timeline Spreadsheets
  • Selection of Staff
  • Designing a Meaningful Spa Menu
  • Training on the Spa Menu
  • Retail Selection
  • Creating a Budget
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Creating the Concept of the Spa

Selecting a Spa Personality

In our experience, the best spas that offer the most memorable experiences, offer services that have a theme, an identity or personality. We will assist in creating a more desirable and uniformed spa and menu to offer a seamless experience in your entire establishment. We can assist you in designing unique services as well as connecting elements that align your purpose with your personality. Spa experiences that are fluid add value to your brand and help build recognition.

Product and Service Selection

Spa Wellness Events has partnered with recognized spa brands that provide proven benefits, offer wellbeing and can bring added value to your spa. We carefully select and offer you vendor or brand presentations to help you determine the best partners for your spa.

Concepts include:

  • Market research on services performed at local or competing spas
  • Assistance in creating personalized services to enhance your spa identity
  • Analysis of your property’s image and competitive strengths


Your team is our priority. We can assist you in filling positions with the most qualified candidates, and train your current teams to perform as directed. No position is too big or too small; we can help you select the best candidates for all positions of the spa, from Regional Spa Director to locker room attendant.

Positions we can assist in filling:

  • Front Desk Agent
  • Regional Spa Director
  • Medical Spa Director
  • Assistant Spa Director/Spa Manager
  • Service Providers for Spa
  • Salon Service providers
  • Locker Attendants
  • Fitness Instructors