WELLNESS LOUNGE & POP UP SPA: We can assist you in creating a Wellness Lounge for your business, guest meetings, seminars, conferences or for your staff.  By creating a Pop Up Spa/Wellness Room, we can offer you and your guest’s experiences, services and a space to bring calmness to mind, eliminate stress and bring self-care to the forefront of your day.  We have proudly created tranquil spaces for our clients and their guests by merging meditation, relaxation and wellness in a room where you can disconnect from the stresses of life and work to collect your thoughts, re-energize and center your self in a relaxing environment.  Our Wellness Lounge offers you comfort, a calm ambiance, a serene atmosphere to clear your mind and to enjoy some mini spa services that will transport you to a more harmonious state of mind.  Our mission is to accentuate the sensation of comfort in your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT, by enlivening your senses.  

WELLNESS RETREATS:“Fill Your WELL” is a wonderful experiential event that was created to offer wellness seminars, motivational speakers, fitness classes, and a give back program.  Fill your well(ness) is about adding wellness to your life and maintaining a “Full Well” with experiences, movement,  healthy choices, spiritual balance and creative insight to the trend on wellness. 

This 3-day event will concentrate on promoting all things Wellness. Open to all types of participants, this format will benefit those that are looking to add Wellnessto their life, to promote wellness in their brand or connect wellness with work. As a vendor you can participate with presentations, services, and take part of the vendor showcase. Vendors will have an opportunity to share their “wellness story” with the attendees.  Local artists, vendors will be invited to also promote their crafts and offer classes. Buyers and participants will attend the showcase and receive services or presentations provided. This is a unique venue to interact with like-minded people that strive to achieve and grow in WELLNESS

SEMINARS: Creating a WELLNESS DAY, we can offer you the tools to offer your guests and staff classes and seminars on over all wellness.  We bring in speakers to offer 30 minute- 2 hour seminars on Mindful Wellness, Creating a Wellness Wheel, Combining Wellness with Revenue, Increasing your Wellness guest, Attracting a Wellness consumer and more.  We stay current on spa trends and can assist you bring WELLNESS, MINDFULNESS and HEALTH to the center of your business.